We've assembled some of the most common questions that we get along with brief answers here.  We aren't afraid to talk to you even if it might not result in a business relationship, just contact us and we'll arrange a chat.  We're always curious about peoples business, its why we excel at what we do. 

What is it that you really do?

We help companies with there Enterprise Technology and Operations. That means all the software and strategy behind the running of the company's day to day financials, logistics, ops, etc.

How much do you charge for your services?

That depends. Really not a cop out. We promise. Because each company is unique and each engagment requires different resources we ask a lot of questions before we even offer a proposal for services.

How do you bill clients?

We enage, almost exclusively on a Time and Material basis. The reason for that relates to the above Q and A. Every company, client and client team member is unique, priorities shift, strategies migrate. We've found throughout our careers that holding to closely to a project plan, that may have been scoped and written by someone who has nothing to do with the outcome of the project, can vastly underestimate the projects needs and goals. We're much more interested in delivering iterative results over time. We've found again and again, companies that iterate often and well, acellerate much faster. For more on our philosohy check out our blog or these fine folks at Spotify, a small Swedish software company, with whom we share a kindred philospohy. Spotify Engineering Culture - part 1

I don't have time to go into details, I just want it done.

We won't work with you then. Sorry. Its harsh, but true. Clients who have alternative priorities and don't have time to flesh out there needs over time aren't organizations we work with.